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Why Become a Mobile & Gadget Engineer

(Skilled Technician)

Learn a skill for life:

Tech industry is booming due to a rising of population and increasing the usage of new gadgets including new mobile phones and other devices. The job market is heavy competition and entrepreneurship is appreciated from every corner. So comparing the other opportunities, mobile and gadget engineering is the best option for an energetic and enthusiastic person who wants to build up a business with huge opportunities. So why not you? 


As a mobile and gadget engineer, you can be your own boss. You choose your working hours, where you work and what jobs you take on. Most importantly, you set your own rate. The average earning of a Gadget Engineer in the UK is a substantial £36,000-£ 50,000, but it can rise up to £70-80,000 depending on location and services you offer.


Working as a mobile and gadget engineer, you will meet new people; travel as far as you want. Customers who receive good service will remain loyal and recommend you to others, meaning your customer base with grow – along with your earning.


GIT London (a further education and skill training concern of GLOBAL EXPO LIMITED; Company number 09351740) is one of the leading  Vocational Training and Technology Institutions in United Kingdom.


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