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Mobile repair costs in Britain £5 Billion....

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⎯ Cost of mobile phone repairs in Britain in the last two years approaches a staggering £5 billion (the equivalent of £78 per head).

 ⎯ More than a third (37%) of British smart phone users have damaged their smart phone in the last two years.

 ⎯ ‘Not ‘appy’: a third of owners of damaged phones find they can’t use some or all apps.

⎯ ‘Less-than-smart phone’: approaching half of all owners of damaged phones find that their functions are impaired.


 As Apple™ releases its latest iPhones™, an international study has found that repairs to hand-held devices have cost British owners a staggering £4.6 billion in the last two years. The eye-watering sum puts Britain top of the European league table for repair costs to mobile devices.


Currently around 7% of i Phone screens in the UK are cracked or damaged. Europe-wide losses over the last seven years’ data amount to an astonishing €34 billion. Despite this tendency to drop or damage their most prized possession, around 27% of British smart phone users do not use a protective case, with 56% of those without cases saying they are too style conscious to use one, and another 28% saying they intend to get a case but simply not getting round to it. Just over 70% of smart phone users do not have any kind of protection or insurance for their phone.



An expert of Insurance industry said, ‘’Many people on phone contracts don’t pay the upfront cost of their device, we sometimes forget how expensive they are, until, that is, we drop them. A replacement cost of several hundred pounds is an eye-watering prospect.”  He added: “If you look at any group of people – on public transport, in the park or on the street - you’ll see that many or most are using mobile devices. Losing the use of our mobile phones is bit like losing a sixth sense. We feel disconnected and disorientated. We are utterly reliant on mobile devices for work and play these days and finding ourselves out of the social and professional loop feels very uncomfortable indeed.”

Data Sources: 1) UK data from SquareTrade's European Smartphone Accidents Study conducted in August 2014 using online panel providers Research Now™ and Qualtrics™. Feedback was collected from over 13,000 smart phone owners across Europe. 2) Other sources cited include: Euro exchange rates collected from™ on 8/14/2014, Deloitte™ Global Mobile Consumer Survey, July 2013, Our Mobile Planet Smartphone Research, and GSMA Intelligence. 3) SquareTrade’s 2014 UK iPhone™ survey conducted in June 2014 using Research Now, with feedback collected from 1,200 smart phone owners in the UK.

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