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   Complete Mobile Phone Repair Training Course

(5 Days)

Components Inside of Mobile Phone

Level 1

First Day

• Terminologies

• Tools & Equipment Needed

• Safety Procedures

• Assembly and Disassembly of Gadgets

• General Terms of Mobile phone technology • Knowledge of Industry terms

• Tools and Equipment required

• Safety Procedures

• Tear-down of Mobile phone and I Pad

• Diagnosing throughout the day on every phone using DC Power and other devices

• Learn CDMA/GSM meanings as it relates to Mobile phone use and repair

• Learn every component inside each electronic devices/gadgets

Second Day

• Repair Processes & Techniques

• LCD replacement

• Most Common issues, such as:

• How to replace broken LCD 

• How to replace broken Glass

• How to replace a broken Digitizer

• How to replace the Headset Jack Flex Cable • How to Repair Charge Ports

• How to repair the Data Port/Lightning  Port Cable Connectors

• How to replace Home Button Flex Cable

• How to replace the Wi-Fi Flex Cable

• How to replace the Power Flex Cable

• How to Repair Mid-Frames

• How to Repair Housing

• How to fix Bluetooth issues

• How to fix Wi-Fi Issues

• How to Restore

• How to Activate Devices

• How to repair volume and silence buttons

• How to repair flash issues

• How to repair front and back cameras

• Learn how to Recycle “broken parts”, Good for the Environment and Good for your Pocket

Level 2​

Third Day

• Water Damage and Unlocking

• Soldering and Micro Soldering


• Water Damage Repair

• Learn unlocking, Flashing, rooting,

• Jail breaking and other software services wholesale

• Chemical Overview         

• Terms Overview

• Soldering Safety Procedures

• Soldering Wire Techniques

• Soldering Paste Techniques

• Soldering Machine Maintenance

• Soldering Tool overview

•  Heat Gun board work

• Heat Gun work to remove glass

• Heat Gun board work



Fourth Day

• Simple & Advanced Diagnostics

• Customer Services


• Multi Meter Use • Grounding

• Diagnosing • Demagnetising

• Screws, Screw Damage and Layout 

• Customer Service Skills

• All Forms and How to use them

• Industry terms review

• Dispute Resolution

• Warranty Maintenance

• Personal Development thru continuous learning,

• Monitoring and to update with the development of the Industry

• How to tell if a device is a fake



Level 3

Fifth Day

  • Business Development

  • Franchising

  • Assessment & Certification

•  Franchise Options

• Resume Building

• Advertising to receive direct repairs

for your own business

• How to start from home

• How to open a retail shop on your own

• Other options for opening a business   

• Business management, review the skills

needed to open a business and run it

according to Government regulations

• All flyer, brochures and card templates for

your business to advertise and reach

all types of clients

• Trainees will Learn how to use EBay for

buying and selling

• Social Media Advertising

• Trainees learn the best way to go

into Business for themselves

with little to no Capital to start

• Wholesale information local and

online providers

• How to open a business legally,

what is an EIN, Sales Tax and more

• Commercial Clients and how to get them

• And More! So many topics it’s hard

to list them all without giving

our ‘secret sauce’ away. 

Tool Kit for each Trainee

 • Tool Kit   • Wrist Strap      • iSeasamo   

• Spudger  •   Thumbs   • .Grounding Clip

• Curved Tweezers    • Straight Tweezers.



How to Register:

Click: Book Your Course

If you have any question regarding our courses, schedule or any other issues, please

don’t hesitate to send an email

to: or

call us on +44 207 096 1323.

GIT London (a further education and skill training concern of GLOBAL EXPO LIMITED; Company number 09351740) is one of the leading  Vocational Training and Technology Institutions in United Kingdom.


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